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Sales Incentive Systems . . .

Our complete system enables an incentive scheme to be run for call centre operators.  It relieves the tedium and boredom caused by fielding continuously repetitive sales calls! It runs alongside the call centre management system and will replace these: Blutac, pins, paper, sellotape, flip charts, felt tips, scrawled drawings and unreadable scribble, no visible performance info, time consuming written charts and lists, lack of coherent information display and historical records, confusing and error strewn results, frustration and horribly untidy systems currently in use!!  Nothing gives more incentive to an operator than to hear the jingle, see the score, of a colleague who has just made a sale and is one step nearer to a bottle of bubbly or a weekend trip to the south of France!!!

Want one? read on . . . 

Developed over the past 15 years the system is PC based with software running on a Windows 2000/XP upward operating system.  Although able to cope with up to 20 operators on one PC the standard system has 10 operators linked to a PC and a 30 inch VGA LCD Display screen with sound.  Up to 32 PCs can be linked via a dongle system (RS485) with CAT5 cabling and Digital Displays (with 4 inch digits) that show floor totals for up to 4 products.  Each operator has a four way push button unit and these are all wired back (they can be wireless) to a collection box that is connected to the PC.  The software can be tailored to suit and can display operators names, totals, personal bests (hidden targets), team bests, team performance, operators pictures, team logos, all with graphics and sounds.  So, if you want your operators to feel like Princes and Princesses . . .

Give them incentives!


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